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On call for the largest education publisher in the world

What: TES is one of the largest education publishers in the world, supporting schools, colleges and universities through the country. TES is home to one of the largest online communities of teachers with 7.9 million registered users.  The company and network is one of the fastest growing professional bodies and supports, guides and inspires educators around the world.

We work with many TES brands including;

TES Jobs – producing resource packs for recruitment of new teaching staff.  We also work with the team to promote the recruitment service to both schools looking to recruit and job seekers.

TES and THE magazine – producing campaigns to sell subscriptions, we also design Prezi’s for the internal and external presentations, and co-ordinate resource campaigns including all digital and print assets.

THE – Subscription campaigns, emailers, Prezi.

TES Primary– We produce candidate campaigns and emailers specifically for primary schools.

TES Australia – We also work internationally for TES Australia including launch campaigns, Prezi and digital campaigns.

What we do: We work across 12 different markets ensuring the latest sale information is up to date and current for each auction.  ATG wanted to develop a consistent brand message across multiple markets and sectors and so, we have developed a template for all their collateral that helps them achieve this.

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